• Does the Eri system have a classification as a medical device?

    Yes. The Eri system is classified in Class 1 in compliance with the European guidelines on medical devices 93/42/EEG.

  • What is the difference between the ERI™ and Eri systems?

    The ERI™ edition is perfect for screening related to fitness and nutrition. Easy to use, on every location, in your own office or on the road. Your Eri system can provide comprehensive analysis and make use of the technological advanced hand sensor to give you client balanced compensation in support of the bodies self-healing process. The use of the Eri system is for those professionals who have accomplished a formal medical training/education.

  • Is the Eri method scientifically evident?

    Yes. The Eri method is based on profiles (markers). These profiles are made up of disease descriptions, products, biological processes and so on and are being visualized through Wavelet technology and defined as profiles. This Wavelet technique, primarily mathematical models and formulas determine three dimensional structures (profiles). You can find more information on the Wavelet techniques on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wavelet or read our History/Science page.

  • How long does it take to make a scan?

    The scanning procedure itself takes about 35 to 60 seconds. If you put the basic information of the client into the system prior to the scan, it will take about two minutes before you have a scan result.

  • In which languages is Eri system available?

    At this moment, Eri is available in four languages: English, Russian, Czech, and German. We are currently working on including more languages into the system.

  • What happens to the clients information when using the online version?

    All information on your clients is always stored on the tablet or computer, you work on. At no time, this information is stored on the Eri server and at all times, the information is your responsibility and under your supervision on your won hardware. The online communication serves only, as a means of getting the necessary updates, checking license validation, and accommodating the screening process. We also offer an optional, additional automatic back up service on our cloud server, where you could keep the encrypted data of your clients. This option would benefit you if you ever lose your computer or it malfunctions.

  • Is Eri available only online or also as a stand-alone system?

    The system is available both, as an online and as a offline system. The online version costs less. Despite this, many of our new customers decide on a stand-alone version.

  • What is "Compensation" for self-healing?

    The Eri system makes it possible, after the scanning process to support the self-healing process by providing balancing invers signal via the highly advanced hand sensor. This use of the balancing process is only available for users with a medical background.

  • Can I use my ERI™ tablet online at any location?

    You may contact us and make an appointment.

  • If you are prepaying scans and do not use all of them during one month (because you are on vacation for example)...what happens with these “not used scans”?

    The scans will not expire as long as you use the system.

  • Can I use my own hardware (tablet and/or laptop)?

    Yes, but first, contact us for the list of the specific hardware requirements

  • Do you do health consultations?

    No. We could recommend some of our users in your aria.

  • What guarantees do I have on hardware, software and support?

    When you purchase either hardware or software based systems, you get a warranty for a period of two years. After these two years, the free (technical) support becomes invalid but this support can be extended for additional fee.

  • What medical education do I need as to be able to use the medical module?

    You need at least a medical education, doctor or naturopath certification depending on your state or country. When purchasing our medical system, we will ask you for your medical educational background/level.

  • Do I need to have a medical education/training in order to use the Sport & Fitness and Nutrition Expert module?

    Only for the medical module, the user needs medical education/training. For the other two modules (Nutrition Expert and Sport & Fitness expert), the user does not need any medical training. It is advisable to have a sports, nutritional & dietitian background. After all, the advice of the user to their client has physiological consequences and results.

  • How is the Education/training organized?

    That is depending on the module you purchase. For the modules Nutrition Expert and Sport & Fitness Expert, we make use of online training videos. You can study these videos in your own time and pace, as often as necessary. At regular intervals, we have live webinars, informative and educational by nature and in which you can ask questions. The Medical module requires a mandatory training by a qualified Eri instructor who has knowhow and clinical experience with Eri system. The instructional online video’s on our server can be viewed at any time. At regular intervals, we organize "client only" events. We will keep you updated on these special events.

  • How long does a "request for support" take?

    Our goal is instant support, but in worst case 42 hours or less.

  • How should I interpret a marker with index “-100”?

    Marker with the index "- 100" indicates hypoergic (characterized by or exhibiting less than the normal sensitivity to an external or internal irritant or allergen) reactions, i.e. metabolic processes in the organ that occur with a minimal consumption or release of energy and is an indicator for emotional (psychological, neurological) distress related to the object of the marker.

  • My statistical data stays in the same color zone. How to interpret this fact?

    There are some biological properties of an object related to the marker, which are involved in the calculation of the statistical diagram. The system deals with the amplitude, speed of fluctuations and intensity of the background electric field. It is a physical phenomenon that is unique to each marker. If on objet has it’s defined unchanged properties, this fact will reflect in the statistical chart.

  • Why can we only compensate 27 markers, what's the basis for this figure?

    This figure was established by numerous research and trials. The 27 markers for compensation was the optimum number with which the electrical field of the compensated object would start to interact and balance itself. The number of compensated markers greater than 30, showed a little reaction. Lowering the number of markers to 27 produced a desirable effect. It is also worth mentioning, that during the analysis, going into the deeper levels using the principle of “Dominant” and choosing the small number of related markers (for example 5) produced better compensational effect.