Eri - Testimonials


 Dr. med. Folker K. Meißner


I use Eri system in my practice for Integrative medicine different energy and information medical devices that are based on different technologies. When it comes, generally to obtain concrete evidence of existing diseases and their backgrounds or covert interference in the systems of people, I prefer the Eri system.

In it set a two years and have therefore not only examines several hundred patients but consistently integrates the compensation possibilities of the system in the respective therapies. Unlike “Radionic” or other systems that the information field of the people as the source. Target their results draw upon the Eri system uses physically concretely measurable areas of the background electric fields of the body, in this case, the fields that are generated by electrons. By a spectral analysis of the electron beams detected in the system in real-time changes in the signal structure, and can be calculated by comparison with so-called clusters in very large databases are present in subsystems deviations from normal state.

Also the backgrounds for diseases can be very elegantly captured in this way and thus sustainably included in the therapy. It is, for. As possible to find out the relationship between a depressive phase and a non totally exceeded standenen fungal disease of the pancreatic duct or concrete mental dysfunctions to identify a possible cause of chronic joint symptoms. The examination itself takes about 1 minute including calibration and provides an enormous amount of well-structured data. carried out substantial parts of the data analysis automated, so in a very short time with concrete results the Eri system presents imbalances and their causes and reasons that are immediately and directly therapeutically usable thanks to the implemented communication. The deeper the further question (z. B. with toxins or pathogens) is, the more the therapist can control the evaluation process.

I recommend the system to all therapists who do not want the simple cause-effect philosophy append but capture by complex multi-dimensional analysis the real essence of their patients of the disease and make the therapies as sustainable as possible.


 Dr. med. univ. Engelbert Oman, MD


As a medical doctor I am very proud to use such an excellent device as is the Eri. It feels as one is standing at the edge of a new area of modern medicine, where all the technology of computer science that has found its way into our daily lives as notebooks, tablets, phablets, smart phones is starting to make use of this science in the area of accurate diagnostics and surprising cures that were not possible before.

For a doctor, who has a strong affinity and belief in the area of mind / body - medicine, and the healing arts of the east, I have to attest that the Eri device offers great options to use these models for diagnosis and healing. From India it has incorporated the 7 subtle nerve centers within the spinal cord of the central nervous system, as well the plexuses of the autonomous nervous system. Further there is the ancient Chinese system, the pathways, built into the amazing data base of the Eri device.

In addition there is also the great western alternative healing science of homeopathy founded by Samuel Hahnemann in Germany represented in the Eri device. This accumulation of knowledge and the extremely large date base in the Eri device creates tremendous enthusiasm and great success for anyone who learns to use it, especially in all kinds of health professionals and people who feel that helping others is their true calling.


 Christian Hartmann


I use the Eri system in my practice of Naturopathy during last six years daily in analytical and therapeutic references to get results related to body functions and emotional problems. Just under a minute, the Eri system analyzes the dynamic fields of the body, which are generated by the electrons and stores them in a large data bank. It is similar to an electrical hologram of the body. In Eri system are thousands of database imagines, which are referred to as markers. Each marker represents a particular object or condition, which is available as a baseline for the comparative analysis . By spectral analysis of minute electrical field, changes are detected in the signal structure and thus deviations from the normal state of an oscillation, which are set by the system in the markers calculated.

For me it is always amazing how precise the evaluation of the current condition of the patient is reflected. By conducting evaluations with the Eri system I can help the individual to fight the diseases.

Example on how Eri could help in particular conditions: An evaluation of a structural disorder (for example, the diaphragm) which related to a dysfunction in the heart; which further affects the central nervous system and eventually expresses itself in sleep and hormonal problems in the patient.

Another example could be that a fungal load in the gut affects the mental stability of a patient or that a shock years later developed physically to type 2 diabetes or Parkinson's disease.

A large amount of data is collected automatically by the Eri system. This gives the user an overview, which is useful for further investigation. The analysis are reliable and priorities physical imbalances are also reflected in subsequent measurements.

For me the Eri is a valuable tool to control the therapeutic course, to improve and to show complex relationships of clinical trials and to treat successfully.


 Daniel M.


It is with great pleasure I report on my successful experience with Eri system. I am 21 years young and for about a year I suffered from an unpleasant ringing in the ears, I went to see an ear doctor and was told that this condition is called “tinnitus.” This ringing in the ears happened at the worst possible time when I was very busy studying and working. I was also told that this condition is medically incurable. I have felt, the sense of lose of quality of life. I tried to ignore the sound but it didn’t work. With time the ringing became stronger and I felt that a lot of stress at work and some family problems only served to worsen my condition. It went into a vicious circle; stressful situations triggered the volume of ringing. This state is hardly imaginable to a person who did not experience such condition. My mental health was challenged as well, because the ringing would drive me crazy. So I began my desperate search for help. I've thoroughly investigated the topic of tinnitus and sought consultations with many specialist dealing with this kind of problems. Just by a chance I stumble upon a specialist who used this innovative sounding Eri system in his practice. Any possible assistance was welcomed, so with cautious hopefulness I went for an appointment. This was the best decision I have ever made and will not regret it for the rest of my life!

During just one-hour I underwent a Eri analysis and compensation. This compensation procedure had put me to sleep. During the compensation I felt a science of great relief. When I woke up the next morning, the signs of tinnitus were almost imperceptible. The ringing subsided in its volume and I could once again enjoy almost forgotten quality of life. During the next month I went for a few more sessions with the Eri practitioner and now I am happy to report that my tinnitus is under control. It was unbelievable transformation and I am amazed to this day of what this device, operated by the knowledgeable person, could do. Thank you!


 Dr. Mayer János


I started to work with Eri system in August of 2006.

In my private orthopedic practice I used the Eri as specialist for Hungarian national weightlifting sports team.

The program which is implemented into the Eri system,  you can quickly learn and use. The program allows the analysis of the entire organism of the human body and matching the best treatments. Registrations of background electric fields of the organism is reliable and repeated with results fluctuating no more than 25% over a longer period of time. Eri analysis is based on the dynamic processes in the body (atoms and molecules) and reflected in the background electric fields, so one examination will show current status of health. Because of the dynamic properties of the analysis the results may not be 100% identical. The advantage of the system is to speed up the diagnostic process, but evaluation requires experience and general knowledge of the user’s field of medicine.

In my opinion, interpretation and evaluation of the findings of adept it requires great experience and one has to be an expert. When evaluating assisted living communication with patients. Repeat test is useful in live contact with the patient, where it can be treated and therapeutic effects can be verified with the available auxiliary examinations of patients (blood pressure, blood glucose, feelings – being e.t.).

In one of the periods, I examined 206 patients out of which 57 were healed. In sports I helped 115 patients to diagnose and to treat. With 37 I applied the Eri system. To my knowledge, credibility general prognostic diagnosis is 80%, while the effect of treatment 90 to 95%. The diagnostic efficiency of determining the energy level athletes was 90% of cases.

Eri is an analytical and therapeutic system that in my opinion can be used for medical checkups especially in the differential diagnostic assesses. When a positive result is worth immediate treatment of the patient and monitoring the effectiveness of treatment subsequent examination that is easily feasible. When the results are challenging, it is advisable to re-checked the findings, using classical medical examination techniques. Eri in essence is a tool that records the background energy emissions of atoms and molecules which in its turn reflect on functional changes in real time. In my opinion, it is one of the advanced technologies available for use in medical science. It should be widely  accepted in medical community.  


 prof. Pavel Babal MD, PhD.,Comenius University in Bratislava, FACULTY OF MEDICINE


Eri (Complex Medical Expert) - personal experience


I have been using the Eri system for over 1.5 years to test its abilities and functions. I work at a university base as pathologist and have examined and treated with the Eri technology over 250 patients with various diseases and of different age. This activity has no connection to my professional position at the Comenius University

The program implemented in the apparatus is easy to learn how to operate. It enables to make diagnostics of all organs and tissues of the organism. The program structure delivers the relations leading lo the causative basis of the pathological process.

Principle of Eri system is based on capturing of the biological data through the background electrical field emitted by an organism. The system works only with the electric component of the electromagnetic field produced by organs, tissues, molecules and atoms comprised in the organism. The scanning/recording takes 30 seconds, which is a time sufficient to register the dynamic changes of the electric field produced by the organism. The software application of the Eri is able to extract the particular "profiles" belonging to different structures of the organism. Standard profiles of tissues and molecules are compared with those actually recorded of the investigated individual. Uncovered differences are giving the analytical output. In addition, the established difference between the analyzed profile belonging to the particular structure under normal and recorded pathological conditions can be used for “therapeutic” compensation of the electric field deviation by emitting of calculated, adjusted electric field with opposite polarity to the registered deviation. The adjusted compensational field is emitted until the energetic deviation is eliminated at which time, the process is automatically switched off.

The principle of the Eri system is recording and analyzing of the body’s omitted background electric field. This field undergoes permanent dynamic changes, thus two consecutive scans will never be identical. The consecutive profiles agree approximately in 70-80%. Interpretation and evaluation of the findings require an experienced person with preferably medical education. The evaluation is made with parallel communication with the patient. Good clinical history helps to speed up and to make the diagnostic process faster and more accurate. The Eri system based on electron spin energetic fields distinguishes physiological and pathological processes. These later attributed to two possible qualities - inflammation or degeneration.

Eri is not one of the "miraculous" magic methods that will give you a list of diagnoses after 30 second measurement. It is a "doctor’s help" providing a quick differential diagnostics of functional and morphological changes in a given time. One of the great advantages of Eri is the ability to register changes that are in development and will become clinically apparent much later. ln my limited experience with the Eri system I was able to make a number of diagnoses that have been confirmed by other methods.

Application of compensation therapy brought in many of the patients a dramatic improvement of the functional and physical status. The digitalised scan file is easy to store for retrospective analyses, correlation with other investigations results, for off-line analyses or consultations with another expert. Eri is a new technology that opens a new medical field of “physical-mathematical” medicine representing a new situation to be evaluated and accepted by the medical community.