Eri Medical - Wellness System - Video Presentation



  • Lightweight and portable system
  • Works on Window operating system
  • Works on MacBook with Windows OS

Scripts in the video presentation:

Eri - Made for health

Eri - professional assistant

Innovative system
of screening and prevention
of a wide range
of human diseases

based on the spectral analysis
of the body’s biometric fields

I. Scanning
data transfer
USB cable

II. Data analysis
Eri Medical System
Compatible with Windows

Full scanning
and data analysis lasts
less than a minute

Problem: Emphysema
frequency response:
vH,hz : 25%
vH, hz: 51%

Extensive base
of medical
criteria allows
to slect
an entire body
or serparate areas
for scanning and analysis

The system allows
to determine not only
the current cause
ot the disorder, but also
the root cause

Problem: Pyelonephritis of the left kidney

Problem: Chronical failure of the blood supply

Problem: Atrial fibrillation
frequency response:
bV,hz: 20%
bH,hz: 50%

Receiver and emitter

Compensation mode
allows to influence
on the disorder’s sources
with the inverted signal

That allows partially
or completely remove
the cause of the disorder

Compensation has been completed

Examples of effective use of the device:

- headache neutralization

- help to cure viral infections

- analysis and prevention of mental processes
(such as stress, fatigue, insomnia)

- analysis / prophylaxis / prevention of negative processes
in the mother’s body during the prenatal period

The results of the device work confirmed
by clinical tests

A large amount of doctors around the world
have been using the device for the diagnostics
and prevention of disorders

Eri software helps to choose the best way of treatment

Eri - Made for health